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Monday - Friday

1:00 PM - 9:00 PM Saturday & Sunday

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219-48 Jamaica Ave
Queens Village, NY 11428

Tel: 718-740-3493
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A Little about Kyodai Karate

Kyodai means brothers and sisters. So at Kyodai you will find not just a place to train, but a place to which you feel you belong - home, as among family. It's not just a place to forget your cares and stress for an hour or two, but more than that. It is a place to facilitate health, fitness, long-term balance and the perfection of character.

You will find that the sense of goodwill and family spirit is exceptional at Kyodai Self Defense and Fitness Center. Our students are friendly, highly motivated people from all walks of life. Close and lasting friendships are commonplace at Kyodai. We encourage our members to stick around after class, whether to practice together informally or just to get to know one another. 

Our staff members are consummate professionals. They are friendly and courteous and will help you in any manner possible. The martial arts instructors are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their areas and have been chosen not only for their experience and teaching ability but for their desire to share their knowledge with others, too.  

Our fitness instructors are chosen based on certification by accredited associations as well as teaching ability and enthusiasm.

Whatever study you undertake, you will always receive expert instruction. Through its affiliation with similar institutions, the Queens Village Center provides qualified instructors to several locations to conduct on premises training programs. The Kyodai instructors and facilities are not limited to the martial arts. Complete fitness programs for the entire family are at your disposal.