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Welcome to Kyodai Karate

You are about to undergo a unique experience, for Karate is more than physical combat: karate also enriches your mind and deepens your spirit. Karate is an art form with a long and honorable tradition, and we echo the writer who has this to say to the new student: "The first time you bow, you will have become one more link in a very ancient chain."

The literal translation of the word "karate" is "empty hands." This refers to the fact that karate originated as a system of unarmed self-defense, using only the hands, feet, and body of the practitioner. This system consists of basic of basic techniques to block or evade then counter-attack with punches, kicks, and/or strikes, individually or in various combinations. 

There are two areas that differentiate Shootkan - the Style taught at Kyodai - from other karate styles. The first is the ratio of punches to kicks. Some styles emphasize leg techniques, others emphasize hand techniques. Shotokan karate strikes a balance between the two, making for a more harmonious art. The second differentiating aspect is the emphasis on judo for karate. At Kyodai, we require a student to spend at least twelve weeks out of every year to attend lessons focusing on falling, sweeping, and rolling. 

What does this all mean, in practical terms? At Kyodai, we emphasize sweeping an opponent but we also practice grabbing and locking; we prepare for encounters with a single opponent but also with two or three and more, from all angles and heights; and we counter-attack from the floor and by flying above the opponent - this "roundness" is the contribution of the Shotokan style to Karate.